Looking for a new bike? How about a pair of cycling shoes or maybe just a new set of tires? Let Red Wheel Bike Shop help you find the perfect new bike or fix up your old bike. We offer a large selection of bikes, from road to mountain, hybrids or kid's bikes - Red Wheel has a bike to get you rolling. Red Wheel also offers bike repair to get your old machine back on the trail.  We also carry a wide range of cycling equipment, apparel and bike racks. Whatever your cycling need, Red Wheel has you covered.

In addition, bike rentals are also available for exploring Jefferson City’s sites, the bike trails and the city’s parks and lakes. Ride throughout the city on the Edgewood trail or cross the bridge to ride on the Katy Trail.

Excellent customer service and cycling

expertise are what set us apart!


The Red Wheel Bike Shuttle offers you a way to enjoy more miles on the Katy Trail with a one-way adventure starting at a location of your choice. Enjoy a fun one-day ride or make it a two-day trip with a stay at a B&B, with your journey ending back in Jefferson City.

West Shuttle

Return Mileage to Red WheelCost

Clinton124 miles$180

Sedalia75 miles $90

Boonville51 miles$90

Rocheport38 miles$60

MKT Trailhead - Columbia37 miles $60

McBaine 26 miles$60

Hartsburg13 miles $40

East Shuttle

Return Mileage to Red WheelCost

Tebbetts15 miles$40

Portland30 miles$60

McKittrick45 miles$90

Hermann48 miles$90

Augusta80 miles$180

St. Charles107 miles$180

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